Dancing in Atlanta

Dancing in Atlanta

26 August 2021 Off By Art Beats Atlanta

The dance community in Atlanta is a strong one, and no matter what sort of dance you want to see – or take part in – there is something here for you.


The city’s ballet company dates back to 1929 and has built a solid reputation as one of the leading dance companies in the US. It is also Georgia’s official state ballet club. The company regularly puts on classical ballet performances as well as introduce its fans to original contemporary productions.

Dance Collective

For contemporary dance, take the time to see a performance by the Atlanta Dance Collective. This is a group of performers who work together to showcase their skills at various events in a variety of venues. Check out one of the community festivals that are held regularly in the city, such as the Fulton County Dance Week, Dance Canvas and the Atlanta Fringe.

Beacon Dance

This is another community performance organization, but as well as performances, they also regularly hold workshops and classes – a great place to learn a few new moves. The projects that they put on are intended to be interactive with the audience. Many of their performances are staged in unusual venues, making them fun to see.

Full Radius Dance

This is a dance company that works with both able-bodied and disabled dancers. Their work is designed to be educational, and the company has built a strong reputation for inclusiveness. Modern and challenging dance techniques are used.

The aim is to produce artistic performances and not simply provide ‘therapy’ for the performers. Every year the company takes part in the MAD Festival and puts on a concert.